Home for Christmas

by High Park Society

Released 2018
Released 2018
Contagious hooks, honest vocals and thought-provoking, often romantic lyrics mark High Park Society's music which evoke nostalgia for new wave, jazz and ‘80s and ‘90s melodic alternative rock and pop.
(C) 2017 Frank Babic, All Rights Reserved
All words and music performed by Frank Babic.
Mixing and mastering provided by André Mina.

(I Don't Want To Go) Home for Christmas is a flowing orchestral piece with soft, sad lyrics that evoke a sense of longing for individuals that are not comfortable with the season's festivities. It captures the feelings of some that need time away from the excitement and sensory overload inherent in celebrating the holidays, while still conveying the longing to want to be included. The song intends to speak for those that can't speak about being uncomfortable with celebrating Christmas, and find it overwhelming but want to be understood.

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