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High Park Society is an independent studio music project masterminded by Canadian multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and acoustician Frank Babic. The contagious hooks, honest vocals and thought-provoking, often romantic lyrics that mark High Park Society's music evoke nostalgia for new wave, jazz and ‘80s and ‘90s melodic alternative rock and pop. The energy, attention to detail and passion for creating memorable, ear-pleasing instrumental textures shines through High Park Society’s complex tracks, which resonate with layers of melody, harmony, bass groove and danceable rhythms. The vivid, retro recordings of High Park Society are often collaborative endeavors between Babic and a pool of talented guest musicians from around the world, which gives arrangements a fresh feel. Every song plays with powerful themes that illuminate the complexities of love, self-exploration and the surprise twists that mark life’s long journey. 


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High Park Society wants to commemerate a great artist in David Bowie, who passed away on Jan 10 2016.  

Please listen to our song When Bowie Died in the Listen section of the site.


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